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Vol 2-issue 5         ----- April 10/2003


Historical Events:
Charles Finney - Part 2
This Week's Riddle #45
Answer of Riddle #44 and Winner

Historial Events
Charles Finney - Part 2

When Charles Finney got saved he got a great desire to tell others about the great experience he had with Christ. He knew that God wanted him to preach and that he should start it immediately. He was professionally a Lawyer, but now he lost all his desires even in his most passionate job of practicing Law. He went and spoke about the love of Christ to every person he met. He used very few words to speak but to whomever he spoke they were convicted of their sins and they repented from their sins.

He was so passionate for Christ that even he did not feel hunger or sleep and many days he went on preaching the Gospel without eating anything. But soon he realized that if he proceeded without food and without sleep soon he will be a mad man. Whenever he spoke to anybody from the word of God, it struck in their heart as an arrow and they repented from their sin.

Then he went to Henderson where his parents lived. His father met him at the gate and Charles asked him, "dad, you are an old man, all your children are grown up and have left your house but no prayers are ever heard in this house." In Charles’ own words, "father dropped his head, and burst into tears, and replied, "I know it, Charles; come in and pray yourself." Charles went inside the house and prayed with his parents, they were greatly moved and soon they repented from their sin and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Charles stayed there for 2-3 days and went to his neighborhood and told about Jesus’ love to as many people as possible. He also started reaching among youths of his church and many repented and one by one were converted to Christ.

In his early days of ministry God taught him several things. Once a person came to him and expressed his grief saying that his wife is so much sick that she may not live though the night. He felt so much burden to pray for that person’s wife that he felt he will be almost crushed. He immediately left his office and came to the meeting room in the Church and started praying for that woman. He could not speak much words but his heart was groaning with pain and burden for her. He stayed for much time in the Church, but there was no improvement in his condition. He did not feel the burden lifting up from his heart. He could only walk in the meeting room with agony and pain. He thought whether by going to office, may be he will get some relief so he went to his office but still there was no relief. In this manner he came back to the meeting room for the third time. At this time he could roll away his burdens and lade them on God. Then he felt relieved. He felt great assurance for that woman that she will not die and also that she will never die in her sin, but will have eternal life.

He had great peace in his heart. Next morning when he went to his office and the man came to his office. Charles asked him about his wife’s condition. He smiled and said, "she is alright and better than other days." Charles assured him that his wife will not die because of this sickness and also will not die in her sins. The woman recovered completely and soon after that she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. And she found the blessed hope of eternal life that she will never die but live forever.

  This week's Riddle #45

Name two people from the Bible whose hair are not supposed to be cut.

Kids, who will be able to answer correctly, their names will be published
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Answer of Riddle #44 and Winner

Who was stoned to death in New Testament?

Answer: Stephen

Riddle was taken from Acts 7:59 (7th chapter tells us the whole story) And they stoned Stephen as he was calling on God and saying, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."



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